What’s a Fair with No Rides?

What’s a Fair with No Rides?

A Job Fair!

Looking for a job in your field of study? Or want a chance to have an opportunity to start your career in an industry you are interested in? There are no free rides in life, but you can catch a free fare down the aisles of businesses looking to give you an opportunity to grow! Join Greensboro’s job fair Monday October 23rd starting at 11:00am SHARP!

Greensboro Marriott Downtown
304 North Greene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Why should I go?

Join the Greensboro Job Fair to meet face to face with hiring managers to make a great impression for an official interview.

This is a great way to professionally network with companies that you could find useful in your near future. Register here to see what featured companies will there!

What should I bring?

Bring a folder with 10-15 updated resumes. Here are some great resources for you to look into to spruce up your resume and some tips to nail your first impression.

Top Resume Tips for 2017