Home away from home at Campus Crossing!

Home away from home at Campus Crossing!


Freshman year has come and gone, and if you’re lucky, dorms are a nightmare of the past. For those college students gearing up for off-campus (or even on-campus) apartments, it’s time to take your decorating game a little more seriously.

Since an apartment automatically screams “more room” in comparison to the bunk bed splendor of a dorm hall, there’s ample opportunity to have fun with cheap yet cool decorations. Yes, you can DIY a little side-table out of an empty keg (we’re sure you’ll find one somewhere), but with some other crafty materials, the possibility for great decorations are endless from the bedroom to the front door.

Whatever your taste (or really, your budget) check out the practical decor inspiration below and you’ll get a notch closer to sophisticated adult status.

  • 1 DIY Bed Reading Lamp
    For those all-nighters… or mornings when you just can’t get out of bed. Get the DIY Reading Lamp instructions from Smart Girl Style
  • 2 DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder
    I Spy DIY
    You’re going to need a place for all of those free sunglasses you get on campus. Get the DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder instructions from I Spy DIY 
  • 3 DIY Fruit Printed Doormats
    Little Things
    Welcome your, err, guests with a fruity mat!  Get the DIY doormat instructions from Little Things
  • 4 DIY No Sew Pillow Covers
    Homey Oh My!
    Decorate your pillows, because PATTERNS! Also, this is a no-sew deal, so this project will be such a cinch.  Get the DIY No Sew Pillow Covers instructions from Homey Oh My!
  • 5 A Doorway Photo Boarder
    A Beautiful Mess
    Dress up your boring door frame with a photo boarder that lets you ~express yourself.~  Get the photo boarder instructions from A Beautiful Mess
  • 6 DIY Hanging Planters
    Hello There Home
    Just another (and more beautiful) opportunity to get a daily dose of green.  Get theDIY Hanging Planters instructions from Hello There Home
  • 7 Washi Tape Geometric Door Design
    Crab + Fish Blog
    Give a dowdy door a little pizzaz with washi tape — which you can use to make any (and we mean ANY) design you want. The tape is also a great stand-in for picture frames. Or even wallpaper. Get the Washi Tape Geometric Door Design instructions from Crab + Fish
  • 8 A Modern Hanging Shelf
    Brit + Co
    Why hammer shelves into the wall when you can just simply hang up a couple around your room? Get the Modern Hanging Shelf instructions from Brit + Co
  • 9 Coffee Table Makeover
    Liz Marie Blog
    Okay, okay, so this is a little more ambitious than the other projects. BUT you can play around with the materials you want to use — instead of wood, put a cool poster or flag underneath the glass. Get the Coffee Table Makeover instructions from Lisa Marie Blog
  • 10 DIY Desk Organizers
    Hailey Devine / The House That Lars Built
    Materials: things from your kitchen.  Get the DIY Desk Organizers instructions from The House That Lars Built
  • 11 Double Duty Dry Erase Board
    Paper and Stitch
    Leave a message after the beep.  Get the Double Duty Dry Erase Board instructions from paper and Stitch